SHARE- Towards Shared Interest Between Migrants and local Workers

SHARE- Towards Shared Interest Between Migrants and local Workers

Date: 21st November – 14:00-16:30 + Project partners meeting from 16:30 to 18:00
Venue: SOLIDAR Conference Room
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Central and Southern European countries have faced growing labour migration from both EU and non-EU countries. Mostly welcome by employers and some politicians, it has remained controversial for parts of general public due to perceptions of competition in the labour market and local reactions in places of concentration of migrant workers. This project responds to these conflicting economic, political and social interests by engaging a discussion with the European local publics. In the context of flexibilisation and precarisation of employment, migrant workers begin to share manifold aspects of their situation with host country domestic labour force. Yet, the solidarity of migrant and domestic is constrained by negative stereotypes and the lack of common platforms of sharing experiences. This project suggests that such a platform can be created taking a labour rights perspective.

Project partners – MKC Prague | Estudios y Cooperación para el Desarrollo (ESCODE) | Fundacja "Nasz Wybór" (Poland) | Red House Center for Culture and Debate (Bulgaria) |University of Padova (Italy)


14:00-14:30 Registration with Welcome Coffee

14:30-14:45 Welcome and Presentation of the Project • Justyna Janowska, MKC

4:45-15:15 Presentation of the Policy Briefings
• Neda Deneva – Precariousness and Social Citizenship
• Francesca Vianello and Valentina Longo – Competition and Labour Standards
• Olena Fedyuk – Solidarity between workers in fragmented workplaces

15:15-15:30 Q&A with the authors

15:30-16:30 Roundtable Discussion with Stakeholders over the Project Results Moderated by SOLIDAR
• Claude Denagtergal, ETUC Senior Advisor
• Bela Galgoczi, ETUI Senior Researcher
• Nina Koudelkova, European Commission, DG Home, Migration and Home Officer - TBC
• Manuel Lorenzo, Movimiento Por La Paz

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