Mobilising for Social Justice in the MENA region

The Cooperation Network "Social Justice in the Middle East and North Africa" aims to build alliances between civil society organisations.

Mobilising Social Justice in the MENA region

The Arab Spring and other social movements such as the indignados in Spain or Occupy Wall Street, brought millions of people out onto the streets to address the issue of growing inequalities worldwide and to demand immediate political action for social justice. Yet despite this clear, strong message, the global trend is still heading towards further inequality. Social and economic development, accompanied by an equal distribution of knowledge, income and power, are essential to build a just and equal society and assure an inclusive democratic transition.

The Cooperation Network "Social Justice in the Middle East and North Africa" aims to build alliances between civil society organisations, think tanks, social movements, progressive political forces and independent trade unions to promote social justice for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

SOLIDAR has received a 4-year grant under the Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility Instrument of the European Union, to implement a regional programme on “Decent Work, Social Protection and Freedom of Association in the Middle East and North Africa: Mobilizing for Social Justice  by strengthening and promoting CSOs, social movements and independent trade unions’ role in reforms and democratic changes’.

This program seeks to give voice to all those proponents of change from the European Southern Neighbourhood Countries that are in danger of being ignored, and brings together key stakeholders, including CSOs ensuring access to essential socials services for the vulnerable people at grassroots’ level and independent workers’ representatives (trade unions) that operate free from government interference.

Location: Neighbourhood South: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia

European Union: Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain

Total duration of the action: 48 Months - from 1st of January 2015

Total eligible Costs: 1.114.578, 00 EUR

EU Contribution: 950.000,00 EUR


1.     Increased capacity
Develop the capacity and stimulate the participation of civil society in local, national and EU decision making processes, related to European Neighbourhood Policy, and in particular monitor progress made towards the objectives of the Action Plans and the Association Agendas between the EU and countries in the region.

Strengthen representative and membership-based organisations in the region to contribute to the building of an enabling environment guaranteeing FoA and DWSP

2.     Increased inclusion
Support CSOs to work with target groups and to involve them in advocacy alliances and initiatives and to participate in regional and global policy-making

3.     Coordinated activism
Support and strengthen existing networks and coalitions of key stakeholders at national and regional level. Reinforce key stakeholders’ capacity to be involved in policy-making processes, and setup active regional advocacy initiatives.

4.     Increased awareness
Reinforce CSOs, social movements and (independent) trade unions ‘watchdogs’ role and capacity to promote reform and increase public accountability to deliver Decent Work and Social Protection (DWSP)

The activities of the program are carried out by 20 organisations from civil society representatives among SOLIDAR members and partners in the region.

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To know more about our work across the MENA region, visit the SOLIDAR MENA project page.

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