44 Civil Society Organisations Call for Renewed Efforts to Ensure the Release of Egyptian Political Prisoners

Today is the anniversary of the 25 January Revolution in Egypt. The manifested slogans of the revolutions “Bread, freedom and social justice”, which encompass the broader long-term objectives of democracy, human rights and rule of law, are far from being achieved. The Egyptian government continues to severely restrict and violate the fundamental freedoms of Egyptian citizens, including freedom of expression, association and assembly, as thousands were arrested and detained as part of a sweeping crackdown on dissent, with some detainees subjected to forced disappearance.

SOLIDAR urges the EU institutions to put pressure on the Egyptian government to raise the case of human rights defenders, independent trade unions and political activists and journalists who have been imprisoned or are being investigated for their peaceful legitimate activities as Egyptian citizens. The recent release from military detention of prominent Egyptian human rights defender and investigative journalist Hossam Bahgat on 10 November after forceful international interventions with the Egyptian authorities demonstrates the impact that action on these individual cases can have and the important role played by the international community.

You can read here the statement signed by 44 human rights organisations calling for the release of prisoners, halt of investigations and revocation of restrictive law.
Freedom of association and peaceful assembly is an enabling right that underpins human development and provides for the progressive realisation of all human rights, including socio-economic rights. SOLIDAR works with partners in Egypt to promote decent work and social protection, monitoring the realisation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCRs).

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