BREXIT: Finally a chance for sustainable prosperity?

Today the European Parliament debated the consequences of BREXIT and the further process of negotiating the future relationship between the EU and the UK. Commission President Juncker outlined that “the EU has to respect the will of UK citizens” and continued saying “that we cannot be embroiled in lasting uncertainty […] the UK Government has to provide clarity on what it wants and what it needs […] one element has to be clear however: no secret negotiations”.

Political leaders called for ending the ‘limbo’ swiftly, coming back to the great ideas of our Union: Mitigating the multiple crisis at hand by placing Social Justice back at the heart of our new project for Europe. Ending the cruelty the EU has portrayed by blindly pushing for austerity measures, implemented within the narrowly defined framework of structural reforms. No Member State is big enough to face the challenges of our times on their own: climate change, increasing inequalities, tax evasion by multinationals and the protection of refugees. To regain the trust of Europe’s citizens the EU has to deliver on establishing a Social Union, becoming a safe haven for refugees, reestablishing democracy and putting human dignity back at the heart of policy-making. The European Pillar of Social Rights could be a step in the right direction for a (more) social Europe!

In the debate some red lines for the negotiations were drawn by the European Parliament, most notably “We cannot have second rank citizens in the EU, if the UK wants to limit the labour mobility of workers from central and eastern Europe then UK citizens cannot have unlimited rights in the EU”.



Photo © European Union 2016 - Source : EP.

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