Career Guidance - How can CLAN project help?

The LLLWeek was also an opportunity to present our CLAN project, which started as an initiative to provide low skilled or unskilled adults with the ability to identify transversal skills acquired throughout their lives and which have not been recognised and validated throughout their life, with the aim of increasing their chances of employment and insertion into society.  SOLIDAR Foundation introduced the CLAN initiative at the end of the LLLWeek with the Lifelong Learning Career Guidance for EU Citizens, held at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). Discussions centred on the CLAN project and other great tools to help counsellors and career managers, noting that the need for outreach is essential throughout EU institutions which have the potential to do more. The event made clear that career development and guidance are priorities for social partners, employers and citizens through collaboration and partnerships, seen from a lifelong learning perspective.

Bearing in mind the challenges of the last two decades such as ageing societies and digitalisation, as well as new ones such as migration and youth unemployment, SOLIDAR Foundation has advocated for more investment in people in order to manage the rise in digitalisation and for more research on the education needed for the future, taking into account non-formal education which will take on increasing importance  in the next few years.

Overall, the LLLWeek was an opportunity to highlight the pressing need for more investment in high quality education, training and lifelong learning to reduce social inequalities and promote social justice through inclusive education and the development of tools to recognise and validate transversal skills as an opportunity to exploit citizens’ competences in the 21st century framework of needed skills. SOLIDAR Foundation will continue to advocate for improvements in partnerships and funding between people and organisations and across various education sectors as the political negotiations continue at national and European level.