CLAN Project converting competency framework into digital form.

CLAN Project converting competency framework into digital form.

On Thursday and Friday, the second partners’ meeting of the Erasmus+ project CLAN took place in the historic University of Salford, UK. 

 The CLAN project presents a new methodological approach that will change the practices carried out by the organizations that take part in the project, which will be provided with tools specifically designed for professional educators in order to differ from the old-fashioned model of education, setting the individual person´s interests and motivations as the main target upon which the whole process will take place.

During the meeting in Salford the partners met with a web developer and spent time converting the skills framework, developed and tested in past four months, into an interactive app with a user-friendly interface. 

The major difference with other projects is that the core of our process lies in the apprentice experience as an asset for further learning and a guide for the media, by which educational achievement can be shown and valued.

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