EU needs to step up fight against rising inequalities

EU needs to step up fight against rising inequalities

At a debate on socio-economic inequalities in the plenary of the European Parliament on 7 February 2018, MEPs called on the EU Commission to take rapid and decisive action to combat rising levels of inequality in the EU. Among the concrete measures MEPs, especially from the S&D group, are calling for are: the introduction of an inequality reduction strategy within the European Semester; a poverty eradication roadmap; a directive on decent working conditions; and a living wage index.  The press release  was published after the plenary stated its view that it’s a scandal that working-class families are falling behind while big corporations are dodging taxes and driving down wages.

SOLIDAR has been advocating for a high-level of social standards that allow a life in dignity and access to social protection for everyone living in Europe for many years. During the crisis, Europe’s focus was narrowly concentrated on financial and fiscal consolidation, leaving aside the urgent need for social consolidation exposed by the failure to reach the anti-poverty and employment targets of the Europe 2020 strategy.  It is high time to ensure universal access to education, healthcare, social services and decent work for everyone. Therefore, we are actively working across our different thematic pillars to put forward policy proposals that will allow for upward social convergence and step up the fight against inequality.

For SOLIDAR, the European Pillar of Social Rights is the right framework for such initiatives and needs comprehensive implementation at national level.

To learn more read our publication on “Progressive Structural Reforms” for further information and progressive policy proposals. 

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