European vocational skills week has started!

As of this month many activities are being organised in the framework of the European vocational skills week Discover Our Talent, that will take place 20-24 November 2017. With this initiative the European Commission aims to showcase vocational education and training’s (VET) excellence. SOLIDAR will work together with Lifelong Learning Platform and EVBB to prepare a contribution during this week, starting at next weeks’ SOLIDAR Foundation Education and Lifelong Learning Forum (ELF).

SOLIDAR Foundation believes VET is a valuable and practical education that can help to secure a successful transition into the labour market and reduce youth unemployment. In many places, development and reforms of national VET structures have been long awaited. However, reforming VET systems needs to be done in a sustainable way to support learners in the long run instead of finding short-term solutions to the needs of the labour market and economic development. Here you can find our background paper on VET including a policy overview and recommendations.

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