Fifth AMiD project meeting in Athens hosted by PRAKSIS

Last week the consortium of AMiD project met in Athens for a very fruitful meeting. It was the occasion for the partners to discuss about several points concerning this second year of projects. With the finalization of the NATs and thanks to the various training meetings the project begins to realize its technical contribution. It is a useful tool for operators who work directly with migrants, through which they can address newcomers in a focused manner and in respect of the rights and needs of migrants.

The Athens meeting was also useful to agree with the partners on the format and other details relating to the final project conference, to be held on November 5th 2019 in Brussels. The final conference will aim not only to publicize and disseminate the AMiD project, but also to trace an initial sustainability analysis and show its added value.

AMiD (Access to services for Migrants with Disabilities) aims to support an efficient management of the reception and integration of asylum seekers and migrants with disabilities in the EU. AMiD purpose is to empower NGOs and Local Authorities to assess and support with adequate responses migrants and refugees with disabilities in Europe. For this reason the project created the so called NAT Need Assessment Tool, an instrument that wants to improve the capacity of service providers and organisations to well address the different situations of migrants, mostly in the welcoming. The project will develop a targeted workshop to improve knowledge and responses of multidisciplinary professionals (NGOs staff): Local organizations working with migrants and refugees services, Disabled People organisations and Service providers for people with disabilities. AMiD has also a Community-Advisory Board (CAB), a permanent task-force able to support the modelling and valorisation of project results and to coordinate future common actions.

More info about the project here.

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