Fighting mafias and terrorism: citizens have a crucial role to play

On 17 February, the European Caravan of Legality – organised by SOLIDAR members ARCI and La Ligue de l’einsegnement in cooperation with the association Cultura contro camorra - will arrive at the EESC in Brussels to remind the EU institutions that citizens’ engagement is essential to fight mafia and terrorism.

Law enforcement needs to be accompanied by preventive actions, including education and cultural activities to ensure that criminal organisations do not benefit from local sympathies and the support of the local population.

The Caravan of Legality will look into how the (mainly Italian) experience in fighting organised crime can help to develop policies and measures to fight against terrorism. The idea is to establish a European network of civil society actors engaged in combating radicalisation and the promotion of the rule of law.

Brussels will be the last stop in a long journey that started on 17 November last year in Rome, bringing together   a group of young activists, teachers and socio-cultural animators to tour different cities in Italy, France, Spain and Germany to give visibility to experiences of the many silent heroes who resist the mafia, the abuse and the violence engendered by a perverse pursuit of profit.

More information can be found on their website and facebook page.