For a human rights-based EU legal migration framework

This week, SOLIDAR sent its contribution to the European Commission’s consultation on the existing EU legal framework for the legal entry and stay of third country nationals as part of the Fitness Check on EU legal migration legislation. The Fitness Check aims at assessing the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency and EU added value of the legislation; identifying possible gaps and inconsistencies in the EU legislative framework and analysing whether it contributes to an effective management of migration flows.

SOLIDAR’s analysis takes into account existing gaps in the EU labour migration framework regarding the application of a coherent and comprehensive approach, the promotion of decent work and the protection of migrants’ human rights and equal opportunities. Among our recommendations to strengthen the current EU legislative framework on migration, SOLIDAR advocates for:

  • Improving legal avenues for third country nationals to access the EU labour market. As also stated by President Juncker in his speech on the State of the Union, legal channels are the most efficient way to fight human trafficking.
  • Improving protection of exploited third country nationals working in irregular employment or the underground economy.
  • Enhancing the systems of recognition and validation of skills, competences and knowledge acquired in formal education, non-formal and informal learning and vocational education and training for third country nationals.
  • Ensuring that social services are available and accessible for migrants as an essential precondition of their inclusion in societies and labour market.
  • Enhancing policy coherence between the EU legal migration policies and the EU’s external action and development aid. This includes making sure that these policy frameworks are based on human rights and have the final aim of fighting poverty and reducing global inequalities.


Please find out more on SOLIDAR’s recommendations for a human-rights based EU legal migration framework in our briefing.

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