German Trade Union Federation: For a Europe with a future: social, just and democratic

In the framework of the meeting of the German Trade Union Federation (DGB), consisting of eight trade union associations representing more than six million members throughout Germany, the delegates issued a statement on their vision of an alternative European economic policy which is part of a motion calling "For a Europe with a future: social, just and democratic!"

In their statement they are calling for an investment strategy consisting of a shift towards renewable energy, investment in infrastructure and a restructuring of the industry and services as future fields of activities. Europe needs to put an end to the current austerity policies. The EU should create a “future funds” to finance these investments. Furthermore, the DGB is calling for a financial transaction tax to make the initiators take their share in the economic crisis.

Read the press release and find further information here.

(Picture: DGB/Simone M. Neumann)