INCLUS Towards empowering young migrants through validation of skills

INCLUS Towards empowering young migrants through validation of skills

In times of rapidly rising unemployment in the midst of efforts to tackle the migration crisis in Europe, making use of new learning opportunities and of the skills and competences acquired through non formal and informal learning for young migrants is urgent. Today solidarity is more than ever needed to support and better include newly arrived migrants whose skills are not recognised and who are left excluded from the labour market.

To this end, the INCLUS Final conference took place last Thursday, during the SOLIDARity week. SOLIDAR Foundation hosted the event in the European Parliament, where representatives of youth associations, trade-unions, policy-makers and EU policy experts could share outcomes of the INCLUS project. Funded under the Erasmus+ programme, the project aims at supporting youth associations in including into society and in the labour market young migrants and refugees through the use of non-formal and informal learning methods and training tools.

Participants also discussed the toolbox designed to give proper and clear information to these young migrants to help them integrate fully in the labour market. During the final conference, our Secretary General Conny Reuter stressed the need to also recognise highly qualified migrants whose skills are not recognised, to avoid further exploitation in the labour market and to ensure the social dimension of the European Union.

 FIC Director Claus-Larsen Jensen recognised the importance of the tool box for young people who are thinking of leaving their country to another for work, thanks to its guidance on trade unions, legislation, help with language barriers and bypassing cultural differences.

The European Commission, and in particular the Directorate-General for Employment and its spokesperson Maria Ilies, insisted on the need for more sustainable legal pathways for migration that would have to replace the current migration rules, often dangerous and threatening for migrants themselves.

SOLIDAR Foundation is working on many EU projects, and streams the results directly into the policymaking of the European institutions. Last week the findings and contributions from INCLUS contributed to the discussions in the CEDEFOP expert working group that met in the Netherlands to discuss the role of VET in the integration of migrants.

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