INTERNATIONAL MIGRANTS’ DAY - defend the spirit of solidarity in Europe, and globally!

Not only today we need to fight against false myths on migration. More than ever migrants are the scapegoat of populistic discourse, this is the reason why SOLIDAR and its members stand to recall to EU leaders and citizens that migration is the global reality that contributes positively to economic growth, sustainable development and social progress. Considering that it seems urgent to overcome the political and systematic impasse of our Union in the management of migrants.

Today once again we would like to mention our members' efforts working concretely both on first reception and on long-term integration activities and projects for migrants. We would like to mention also the fundamental role of civil societies organisation and NGOs working to promote reception and integration of migrants in countries of origin, transit and destination, as well as in the sea rescue and for safer border crossing.

Last week important steps forward were made on migration issue. In Europe, with the approval by the European Parliament of the resolution on the Humanitarian visas. Meanwhile at the global level with the adoption of the Global Compact on Migration by 164 countries, but with the defeats of several key States for migration.

Despite this progresses a lot more should be done and the SOLIDAR network is committed to continuing its advocacy in the next months, especially in view of the upcoming European elections in May. We would like to promote a new speech on migration which is moved by SOLIDARITY. 

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