International PROMO Conference in Padua

The International Promo conference “Enhancing Economic Democracy for Posted Workers” hosted by the University of Padua took place on 14 and 15 June in Padua. It was a good opportunity to share the information and data of different organizations and stakeholders working on the topic, to gain an academic overview of the issue and of trade union efforts to denounce abuses and fight against social dumping and violations of European law. The programme for the two day meeting was divided in different thematic panels, during which the practical experiences of organizations working with and on posted workers in different European countries were presented.

The brainstorming at the conference added value to the project and a clearer overview of the scope of the issue in Europe, particularly in some Eastern European (e.g. Slovenia) countries where salaries are lower, and where enterprises of other Member States commit social dumping.

Protecting Mobility through Improving Labour Rights Enforcement in Europe! (PROMO) is a European Commission funded project that aims to enhance administrative cooperation and information sharing between relevant stakeholders engaged with the posting of workers. The planned actions aim to 1) bring together researchers and practitioners to make policy relevant to academic research on worker posting; 2) improve cooperation between worker protection systems; 3) improve union rights and HRM systems for posted workers; and 4) improve quantitative information collection on posted work. Actions involve holding a series of workshops and conferences that bring together researchers, representatives of labour inspectorates, social partners and other relevant actors, and writing a series of policy-oriented publications. The University of Jyväskylä, is the leading partner of the project consortium that also includes the University of Padua (Italy), Multicultural Centre Prague (Czech Republic), Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research (Norway), SOLIDAR (Belgium) and Forschungs- und Beratungsstelle Arbeitswelt (FORBA, Austria).