Since Orban’s government continues to undermine pluralism through its focus towards Soros-funded organisations, the Central European University (CEU) has been at the forefront in recent months.

The “Lex CEU” is a law created by Orbán regime in Hungary that specifically discriminates against and aims to close the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest.

Although the CEU has fully complied with the requirements set by the Hungarian government, Orbán regime refuses to sign the agreement allowing the university to freely operate in Hungary, even with several Fidesz MPs carrying diplomas from the Institute.

As the deadline set by the government for CEU to comply with requirements it imposed is approaching and CEU did all that was expected, yet the government refuses to do the last step: sign a cooperation agreement with the state of New York – a requirement that it has itself imposed.

To support CEU, CSOs and NGOs have organized on 26 October a demonstration in support to the Central European University where several thousand people showed up, calling on backing from anyone who wants to express support for education, academic freedom and common European values.

This week’s demo will be the second edition, not only in Budapest but also in Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Paris and Copenhagen.

On the 15th of November will a demonstration take place in Brussels in the European quarter, echoing a bigger demonstration called for 16 November in Budapest, organized by Hungarian movement Momentum.

At SOLIDAR Foundation we have witnessed the CEU’s, along with other educational spaces, being pressured from the Hungarian government in our last study visit, yet we ought to continue supporting activities and demonstrations which contributes to education and social justice.

There’s hope, but we have to fight for it! We must stand with CEU! We must stand with academic freedom!

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