March for justice, 420 km from Ankara to Istanbul

One year after the attempted putsch and the massive repression that followed, Kader Sevinç, Republican People’s Party (CHP) Representative to the EU and friend of SOLIDAR, talks about the “March for Justice” in an interview with Independent Turkey, one of Turkey's last remaining independent media outlets. The March initiated by Kemal Kiliçdaroglu, leader of CHP, shook the Turkish political scene when participants walked 420 kilometres from Ankara to the Maltepe prison in Istanbul in protest at the imprisonment of Enis Berberoglu, MP for the CHP and former journalist. The action attracted a wave of solidarity inside and outside of Turkey for the situation of the opposition party in a country that is extremely polarised and has reached an all-time record in terms of the detention of journalists and the imprisonment of members of parliament, including Berberoglu. When on 16 April 2016 the result of the Constitutional referendum was announced the CHP considered it a point of no return and considered the matter of justice to be the common denominator among people from all strands of political thought. Justice, therefore became the notion that brought people together. The march, initiated by the CHP leader, was a march by and for citizens who mobilised around the call for Justice. In the interview Sevinç also reflects on the EU-Turkey relationship and the issue of EU accession, underlining the importance for the EU of putting the condition of democracy above its own interests. You can read the full version of the interview here.

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On the photo K. Sevinc with C. Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General

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