Mediterranean Sea becomes a deadly sea again: 400 people reported drowned

On 18th April media has reported on the tragic news that more than 400 people have drowned crossing the Mediterranean Sea while they tried to get to Europe from Egypt. The majority of the victims, carried in four very badly equipped boats, are reported to be originally from Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

According to the latest available figures (IOM) a total of 177,207 migrants arrived in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Spain since the beginning of 2016. 732 people have lost their lives since the beginning of the year of which 352 took the central Mediterranean route to Italy.

The number of people drowned in the Mediterranean in the last four months of this year has diminished compared to the same period last year (according to IOM), however with the closing of the Balkan route the Mediterranean route is likely to become appealing again to the smuggling business.

Yet another tragedy that should make the EU reflect on its overall approach to migration policies, the revision of Dublin II and the consequences of cutting search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a humanitarian and security issue: for the people who flee and migrate!

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