Morocco: New approved social security law extends coverage to the self-employed workers!

Morocco’s Government Council has approved the draft law on extending social insurance coverage for self-employed workers. While the previous health insurance and pension schemes, covered only 30 to 35% of the employed population, two thirds of the Moroccan population remained outside of any form of social protection. SOLIDAR considers that the approval of the new law will improve the compulsory implementation of health insurance and pensions’ scheme for all self-employed workers, regardless of their socio-professional affiliation.

This law, if followed by effective implementation and monitoring by independent trade unions and civil society, could represent a significant step forward towards extending social security coverage to the about 1.7 million youth currently working under precarious employment conditions as informal wage earners or as self-employed workers (about 88% of employed youth worked without a contract).

SOLIDAR works to promote decent work and social protection for all in Morocco with MPDL, ABASE and REMAJEC. Recently, several workshops and press conferences have been organized in Al-Hoceima and Larache to focus on extending social protection for all, with a focus on workers in the informal economy.