Palestinian NGO Network demands for wider international solidarity campaign to save Al-Qeeq’s life

Al-Qeeq has been on hunger strike for 84 days, in protest against his arbitrary imprisonment by the Israeli authorities without charges or a fair trial. The refusal of the Israeli High Court to transfer Al-Qeeq to the al-Makassed hospital in the West Bank is putting his life at serious risk.

SOLIDAR welcomes the call made by Martina Anderson, MEP (GUE/NGL) who chairs the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Palestine, upon the EU to immediately intervene and put pressure on the Israeli government to free Al-Qeeq and to ensure that he receives the urgent medical attention he needs. In addition, Anderson called for a suspension of the EU Association Agreement with Israel until it complies with international law.

SOLIDAR supports the call made by its partner in Palestine, the Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO) demanding a wider international solidarity campaign to save Al-Qeeq’s life, by mobilising to civil society around the world to stand in solidarity with Al-Qeed and to denounce the practice of administrative detention. © Photo from PNGO website