Putting sustainable development at the center of EU – LAC relations

Putting sustainable development at the center of EU – LAC relations

The EU 2018 work plan foresees the revision of the EU-LAC partnership, which needs to take into account the recent global commitment such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SD) and the Paris Climate Agreement.According to the 2030 Agenda for SD, the EU should respect, protect and promote human rights and fundamental freedom for all, combatting discrimination of any kind, but also respect the planetary boundaries, promoting green energy and protecting natural resources.I order to refresh its partnership with the region, the EU is hosting several stakeholders’ consultations, including with CSO.

In this framework, SOLIDAR together with EU-CELAC working group* is calling on the EU to put at the center of the future EU-LAC partnership the following priorities, aligned with the 2030 Agenda:
1)      Enable the actions and influence of Civil Society Organizations and Human Right Defenders in political decision making, as well as protecting their own existence;
2)      Face the ecological challenges, promoting sustainable development at the international level through their trade relations;
3)      Promote a business model guided by a Human Rights Based Approach, also protecting small communities, such as indigenous people;
4)      Prioritize the fight against the causes of inequalities, which would involve promoting policies that create decent and sustainable jobs, influencing the access to social protection and justice as well by promoting tax and fiscal justice;
5)      Promote the decent work and social protection for all, including social protection in political dialogues held with Latin America;
6)      Express their political concern in the fight against the violence against women and children;

See the joint EU CELAC priority issues paper in EN and in ESP.

* SOLIDAR is a member of the EU-CELAC working group, which is a joint platform of members of CONCORD, the EU-LAT Network and the HRDN as well as other CSOs with a long-standing work in Latin America and the Caribbean countries (SUCH AS Pax Christi International and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung). 

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