Right to health at stake in the Gaza strip

The healthcare sector is in crisis in the Gaza strip owing to the fuel shortage. Essential medicines and medical supplies are running out while there is not enough fuel to operate generators in hospitals and health facilities. As a consequence, health conditions and health risks have been deteriorating, while the continued blockade of the Gaza strip and the recent reduction in the US contribution to UNRWA have further endangered proper health care service and supply.

SOLIDAR recalls that access to quality and essential services such as healthcare is a pre-condition for individuals to be active, participate in public life and develop their full potential. It is also a key ingredient for social cohesion and social inclusion within societies, as SOLIDAR and its members have consistently advocated.

SOLIDAR supports PNGO Health Sector’s calls:

-         To neutralise the health sector and patients’ rights to medical treatment away from political disputes. They stressed that the national consensus government and the Minister of Health have to shoulder their responsibility to ensure the right to health in the Gaza Strip and find urgent solutions to the health sector’s challenges, so that the fundamental right of Palestinians to access healthcare is protected.

-         For donors to urgently provide much needed assistance to the Palestinian health sector in the Gaza Strip to ensure the population's health security.

-         For the international community to exercise pressure on the Israeli occupation to end the blockade of the Gaza Strip and ensure the Palestinian patients’ right to travel for treatment and ensure their enjoyment of their right to health.