Social Protection Floor is key to Fighting child labour in Lebanon

Last week, the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Lebanon’s Ministry of Labour have launched two tools to advance the fight against child labour in Lebanon, namely the ‘Guide of Decree 8987 on Worst Forms of Child Labour’ and the ‘National Awareness Raising Strategy on the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Lebanon’. The two tools are conceived to support the effective implementation of the National Action Plan on the elimination of all forms of child labour in Lebanon for 2016, through increasing public awareness, promote effective implementation of Decree 8987/2012 at the local level.

SOLIDAR welcomes the initiative and calls for the EU to join efforts to promote social protection floors as per ILO recommendation 202 as a standing commitment to uphold the fight against child labor in the context of EU-Lebanon cooperation priorities. As a matter of fact, a well-designed social protection floor can offer basic income security throughout the entire life-cycle, and therefore being an essential element in the fight against child labour.

SOLIDAR members and partners in Lebanon are working to promote decent work and social protection for all by monitoring economic, social, cultural rights shortcomings and violations in Lebanon.

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