SOLIDAR condems Israeli atrocities

SOLIDAR condems Israeli atrocities

The 70th anniversary was a missed occasion for the international community to call on Israel to end the occupation, respect the borders as laid down in UN Security Council resolutions and relaunch a peace process. However, the Trump administration -against all odds – decided to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem declaring unilaterally this divided city as the capital of Israel. This could only be understood as a direct insult to the Palestinian people and the international community that has stood for a peaceful two-state resolution of the conflict.

As a response thousands of activists, also families with children, in the Gaza strip mobilised to show their rejection of this act, only to be brutally gunned down at the border by the Israeli Defence Force. In parallel to these atrocities, the festivities at the new embassy continued uninterrupted, giving feed to the notion that the USA backs these actions and the brutal killing of more than 50 people and wounding more than 1600 in addition.

SOLIDAR firmly believes in the need for a relaunched peace process and supports the stand of the EU in this regard. However, perpetrators of atrocities committed on both sides need to be brought to justice. The killing has to end.

We will continue to support our civil society partners on both sides to contribute to the emergence of a real peace willing public opinion, to promote Peace and Justice.

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