SOLIDAR presented its campaign for the European elections to the EESC

On the 28th of February SOLIDAR was invited, together with BEUC and CPME, to present before the Communication Group of the European Economic and Social Committee the campaign set up to debunk what is Behind Nationalism and discuss the related plan to mobilise citizens to go voting at the European elections, coming up in less than 100 days, and choose to cast their vote against nationalism and for a progressive vision of the Future of Europe.

The discussion was very lively, and members of the EESC Communication Group were particularly interested in getting to know more about the concrete aspects of the mobilization, such as how will SOLIDAR members use the handbook unveiling what is Behind Nationalism and if there is any specific plan for Eastern Europe, where CSOs are particularly under threat. While answering questions, we also stressed the fact that although the situation in Eastern Europe is more warning than ever, it is nevertheless important to raise awareness about the threat to the civic space and democracy in general all across Europe.

This is why, along the handbook Behind Nationalism, we also partnered up with the campaign of the European Parliament This time I’m Voting. What is more, we produced and we are disseminating also a manifesto – presented in Madrid on the 21st of February - summing up what we believe should be the priorities for the next mandate of the EU institutions and, not least, 5 thematic papers, dealing with what we believe should at the center of the debate: the importance of shielding and enhancing the role of CSOs in democracy; Social Policies; Education and lifelong Learning; Migration and the Agenda 2030. 

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