SOLIDARITY ON THE SPOT Our network ensuring dignity for all migrants | International Women's Day

SOLIDAR members at work to empower victims of gender violence with migrant background

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2017 SOLIDAR would like to highlight the work of our members who empower migrant women, tackle obstacles to their integration, promote equal opportunities and prevent gender-based violence.

When it comes to the issue of gender violence, migrant women can find themselves in a situation of special vulnerability for several reasons. For example, they may lack a social support network, or be in a precarious economic situation which can restrict their independence, or have an irregular administrative status which makes them afraid to ask for help from the State authority and security services. The role of civil society organisations and non-profit social service providers, therefore, is key to bridging these gaps.

SOLIDAR’s Spanish member Movimiento por la Paz (MPDL), for example, has carried out a comprehensive programme to empower and protect women victims of gender violence since 2005. The programme was initially targeted at migrant women and was then successively extended to all women. The programme, called “Point of information and advice for women victims of gender violence and at risk of social exclusion” is based on a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to offer tailor made solutions to any specific case. Interventions include social assistance and awareness raising about women’s rights, legal advice, and support for women’s independence through advice on employment and training.

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