Solidarity with human rights defenders in Philippines

SOLIDAR joins the international community to condemn President Duterte’s threat “for police to shoot human rights activists” in the strongest possible terms as it is reprehensible, unconscientious, and symptomatic of the widespread misappreciation of human rights in the Philippines. It was not enough for President Duterte to repeatedly embolden the police to summarily execute poor Filipinos; he now points his gun to active citizens, who choose to lawfully presume the innocence of the accused when their own government disavows this constitutional provision. Furthermore, his threat to shoot human rights activists who would “obstruct justice” clearly shows his flawed and perverted understanding, leading the Philippines back to medieval thinking. Now, any group or individual who exercises their right to speak and act in defense of their fellow Filipinos’ human rights would face the peril of being at the receiving end of a gun’s barrel themselves.  As such, SOLIDAR stands in solidarity with our fellow defenders of human rights and social justice in the Philippines: People who fight and resist in the face of violence and tyranny.



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