Solidarity with the Caravans de Migrantes

On the 2 - 4 Novemeber in Mexico CIty took plaxe the VIII World Migrants Social Forum. It saw the participation of 1500 people, of whom 600 came from 45 different countries. The topics discussed in the seminars and in the different thematic axes, however, had two central aspects: the strong criticism of the Migrants World Pact that will be approved in Morocco next December and the solidarity with the caravanas de migrantes that are going through Mexico from south to north, to reach the United States of America. 

Over 10,000 migrants with their families, women, elderly and children who for days, under the sun and in the rain march for hours and hours, with an average of 30/40 km a day. A mass demonstration, of people now at the extreme that asks for the right to have a decent life.
At the end of the Forum, a group of organisations, including Solidar, promoted a declaration that was approved for all the participants, which we invite to share and to sign to show our full solidarity with the Caravanas.

Sergio Bassoli, SOLIDAR Vice-President