Stability at risk in Tunisia?

Among the countries of the Northern Africa region, Tunisia has often been considered a successful case in bringing democratic changes, creating an enabling environment and promoting fundamental human rights. While it has indeed provided a certain level of peace and stability for seven years since the Arab Spring, tensions and social unrest have been rising over the last few days in reaction to the price increases and austerity measures adopted by the government.

Again economic growth is not a synonym for social development. Rising unemployment, the disillusionment of the country’s youth and persistent inequality and territorial disparities are threatening the stability and social cohesion of the country. SOLIDAR remains convinced that it is only through an open, dynamic, solidarity-based society in which all social parameters are taken into account that stability and security in the country can be achieved.

SOLIDAR will keep you updated next week on the country’s situation in consultation with its partners, SOLIDAR Tunisia and the Tunisian Forum for Youth Empowerment.