Stand up against nationalism and make a difference!

Still a few days left to mobilise citizens to get to the polling station and cast their vote for progressive agendas.

The nationalists tried to catch the media’s attention. Salvini, Le Pen, Meuthen and Wilders were expecting 100,000 people to cheer them in Milan this Saturday – but only 20,000 turned up. But that is still too many, and too many are those who, due to fear, are tempted to believe in the nationalists’ lies to feel reassured.
We must use the time left before election day to lay bare the nationalists’ lies.

Is the Europe of nations the real Europe for people? No. The European Union can govern globalisation, protect our life-style and values, and take serious action to tackle global warming. But it can only do it by standing united and with integrated policies. It’s either the Europe of the people or the Europe of nations.

The Europe of nations is represented in the Council. The Council is the European institution that turned down and stopped most of the legislation for social rights and for a wise reaction to migration flows. This is the legislation that citizens are asking for. Conservative and populist governments are the ones blocking these processes in the Council. It’s either a Europe of nations or a Europe that delivers.

Nationalists say they want to protect citizens against global threats. But in fact their economic policies are totally centred on neo-liberal dogma, which has proven to be the most powerful class-war tool for the few against the many. Ask workers in Austria or Hungary about their recent legislation to work more for less. This is social injustice.

They want their countries to be stronger faced with the international context, they say. So why do they behave as puppets for Putin and/or Trump? The recent scandal that has triggered new elections in Austria is only the tip of the iceberg. They are not decision-makers, they are mere bystanders.

They want people to have more of a say over budgets than the European Commission. We agree that more economic democracy is needed and we think that social policies should be as important as fiscal consolidation. But then why did the Italian Government let the Commission substantially overhaul the Italian budget law overnight? They are unable to deliver what they promise.

The world is changing – global warming, the digital revolution, and a more dangerous international context. These elements must be the basis for a new vision for a progressive future of Europe that delivers policies to lift people out of poverty, let the middle-class breath again and redistribute income to reduce inequalities.

We need to stand together against increasing inequalities and social injustice. Our protest is a massive vote against nationalists and for a progressive agenda for the European Union.

Stand up and make a difference by voting for democracy, social progress and a forward-looking vision for the EU.

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