Study visit in Brussels - addressing the gap between local and EU level.

Study visit in Brussels - addressing the gap between local and EU level.

Last week a group of representatives of Cercle Condorcet Chateauroux and municipal representatives came to Brussels for two-day study visit co-organised by SOLIDAR Foundation.

The goal of the study visit was nothing less than to explain the functioning of the EU and impact that organised progressive civil society can have on the decision-making process at EU level.

During meetings with FEPS, European Policy Centre and Economic and Social Committee multiple topics such as democratic participation and social Europe were addressed, but the most discussed topic was the distance between the Brussels and local level. In the quickly changing political climate all over Europe, participants felt that Europe is used as election topic (both in the positive and negative campaigns) but very little which is done arrives at local level in between the electoral years.

During the visit of SOLIDAR Foundation, the focus was on our work in the field of education and training. The discussion concerned the links between education and citizens participation as well as skills for digital future. In both cases, the necessity of public investments in education was underlined and notably into the lifelong learning of teachers and educators. The formation of teachers is crucial in the digital transition and also in a fight against inequalities that are the major problem of European classrooms (European Commission, 2017).

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