Sustainable Equality – The Policy report of the Independent Commission lands in Lisbon

Sustainable Equality – The Policy report of the Independent Commission lands in Lisbon

Next year is make or break for Europe. If we are to avoid a broken future, a progressive and transformative agenda, underpinned by a paradigm shift, must drive the vision towards the European elections as much as the Commission’s workplan for the next mandate.

This is the main message out of the Congress of the Party of European Socialists. In that framework, the S&D Group presented the results of the impressive report of the Independent Commission for Sustainable Equality. The policy report issues a forceful call to action for a radically different Europe, detailed across over 100 policy proposals to be pursued by progressive forces during the next term, from 2019 to 2024, and embedded in a radically different approach to European governance built on a new Sustainable Development Pact. The Independent Commission calls on socialist and social democratic parties, and on progressive forces at large, to commit in favour of this radical agenda, as a matter of urgency.

SOLIDAR, represented in the Independent Commission by its Secretary General Conny Reuter, who has coordinated the Civil Society Task Force which contributed to the Report, took the floor at the presentation. SOLIDAR strongly supports and warmly welcomes the Policy Report recommendations, made even more convincing thanks to the consistency of what is recommended and the method behind the drafting process. The recommendations include  re-empowering the people, thanks to vigorous democracy, engaged social partners and strong trade unions, and a vivid and broad civic space; the Independent Commission fully involved  civil society in its work – in by so doing is applying the model it recommends.

When they vote in the European elections in May, EU citizens will be making a choice about the type of future they want for our Union. We are ready for this challenge and we intend to continue mobilising for truly ambitious and radical platforms like the one put forward with this report.

Power to the people, Social-ecological progress, Enabling change, Reshaping capitalism and Social justice can’t continue to be just words. Thanks to this comprehensive and consistent report, masterfully presented in Lisbon by the two co-chairs of the Independent Commission – Paul Rasmussen and Louka Katseli – we can advocate on the basis of a programme that is as concrete as it is visionary.

The emergency is generally not the urgency, but in this case there is urgency in facing the emergency – the burden of inequalities is not sustainable anymore. 

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