The Israeli blacklist: A boycott of the boycott

Israel just released a blacklist of 20 international pro-BDS organisations to be banned from the country. According to the Public Security and Strategy Affair Ministry, those organisations are considered to contribute to ‘falsehood and incitement’ to undermine Israel’s legitimacy.

This new action taking by Israel is considered another attempt to silence the voice of human rights defenders and is an attack against freedom of expression. The BDS movement was founded to call for the end of the occupation and ensure that Israel is held accountable for human rights violations perpetuated against the Palestinian community.

As lately recalled after the unilateral decision of the US President to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel, SOLIDAR is convinced that civil society organisations are key actors in promoting peace, educating, holding accountable governments and softening the feelings of hatred between the Palestinian and Israeli societies. We will continue to urge the EU to provide more support and space to civil society to enable it to build bridges for peace and understanding. At the same time, we will continue to support our partners in both countries to keep engaged in free and open dialogue.

© Photo retrieve from on 12.01.2018

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