The key competences of lifelong learning and which skills young people need to acquire for a secure future

The European Commission announced on 14 March the launch of a public consultation on the review of the key competences of lifelong learning (LLL). SOLIDAR Foundation and its members have been active in making lifelong learning a reality and in fostering the participation of people in education and learning, especially those who are far from formal education and have a weak income position, such as  young adults who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs) and school dropouts, as well as highly educated unemployed people whose skills are at risk of deterioration (see background paper on lifelong learning).

The Commission’s consultation will run till 19 May this year, with the aim to update the 2006 recommendation on key competences for LLL and to determine which skills and competences young people need to acquire to succeed in the job market and in life. More information can be found here

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