Universal Social Protection: pivotal to achieve the SDGs

Just a few days after the proclamation and the signature, on 17 November 2017, of the European Pillar of Social Rights that have brought back social policies onto the EU agenda, the ILO has released its World Social Protection Report: Universal Social Protection to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

While highlighting that “Social protection plays a key role in achieving sustainable development, promoting social justice and realizing the human right to social security for all”, the report provides the 2015 baseline to monitor progress towards the implementation of SDG target 1.3: “nationally appropriate social protection systems for all, including floors”.

Among the different highlights of the report, SOLIDAR is particularly concerned by the fact that

  • The ILO estimates that 71 per cent of the global population is not covered by comprehensive social security systems.
  • Coverage gaps are associated with a significant underinvestment in social protection. This is particularly true in Africa, Asia and the Arab States. Nevertheless, Europe also faces big challenges: indeed, there are concerns regarding persistent coverage gaps in the areas of maternity and unemployment protection, as well as regarding the adequacy of benefits.
  • Fiscal consolidation policies risk putting at stake the achievement of the SDGs within and outside the EU.

For this reason, SOLIDAR joins the ILO’s call to governments (and the EU) to explore all possible ways to mobilise the necessary resources for social investments and social protection for all.


*To know more about SOLIDAR’s work to promote universal social protection, read the SOLIDAR Social Protection Monitor reports developed in collaboration with our members Solidarité Laique, Solidarité socialiste, Solidar Suisse, FICEMEA and FOS, see the SOLIDAR social protection monitor.

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