Willi-Eichler-Akademie new member of SOLIDAR

Willi Eichler was a German journalist and socialist, who actively opposed fascism and had to flee to France and England, from whee he continued to inform his fellow Germans about the Nazi-atrocities. After the war he became a local and national politician of SPD, active particularly in media-law and for the freedom of speech. In Germany our organisation exists since 1978 and offers life-long-learning opportunities and adult education. We work independently of interest groups. The educational work aims at comprehensive, professional and regionally differentiated, balanced training opportunities. It is geared to individual and social needs and promotes access to further education for everybody. The offer of Willi-Eichler-Academy takes account of the following principles in particular:

  • To offer participants the opportunity to confront their experiential knowledge with factual information according to the state of scientific research, thereby stimulating reflection and critical judgment.
  • To promote personal fulfillment and to enable individuals to take responsibility in public life. 
  • To enable and encourage political and social activity to independently develop and apply learned skills and abilities, building on the life experiences and interests of the participants and taking account of economic, technological and social references.
  • To promote tolerance and respect for others, as opposed to hate speech and mobbing, in active and critical cooperation experience.

Since 1978 we have had more than 60000 participants to our trainings and workshops. Our latest projects include:

  1. BarCamp "Solidarity in the digital age"
  2. Democracy-workshops in Cologne's traditional city-quarters ("Veedel")
  3. "Home and Freedom" a multi-media program including lectures, cinema and music events in collaboration with the UNHCR in the framework of the Over The Border-Music Diversity Festival in Bonn
  4. and numerous offers for benevolent workers in various organisations: rhetoric, time- and stress-management, moderation, working with the presse- and public relations, conducting debates etc.

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