WOW – World of Work project launched

Youth can be engaged and mobilised to create change when they are offered tools such as personal skills and knowledge of European affairs, such as socio-economic conditions, rights and opportunities for youth in Europe, especially in times of high youth unemployment. The figure of 14 million youths between 15 and 29 who are not in employment, education or training should be seen as equal to the indicator of youth exclusion from education and the labour market. This comes at a high cost, notably their sense of increasing vulnerability, alienation, disenfranchisement etc. To counteract this, we need to empower youth to act and to develop pathways for their integration into society and the labour market.

SOLIDAR member organisation FIC has initiated and leads the Erasmus+ project to support youth in developing better employment opportunities and raising their knowledge about decent working conditions. The project is being implemented by Ideas Institute, IDC Serbia, Filcams-CGIL and SOLIDAR Foundation. In the course of the project young NEETs, youth workers, and volunteers will become empowered through peer-to-peer learning to engage in social and democratic processes in their local communities to better advocate for youth rights and access to quality employment opportunities, as well as to raise awareness regarding possible indecent working conditions.

The partner organisations will develop a desk study on the situation of youth access to the labour market that will be supported by a survey conducted among the large group of youths on the labour market situation in their home countries. In June 2015 Opinion Leader Training will take place in Copenhagen with where the participants will participate in a seminar that will increase their ability to engage and influence European and national labour market representatives (politicians, employers' and employees' organisations, educational institutions, Parliamentarians etc.). Additionally this training will enable the young people to influence the youth agenda and encourage them to become proactive youth citizens participating in society and the labour market. More information on the project will be available on social media through #WOWforYouth.