Case study 'Publicly financed work for the long-term unemployed in Oberhausen, Germany'

People in long-term unemployment receive a two year employment contract with a public employer. Their work involves helping to renovate flats or helping refugees move into flats. During their contract, the formerly unemployed workers get support and training in order to recognise their personal potentials and to help to make their employment more permanent.

 The Zentrum für Ausbildung und berufliche Qualifikation (ZAQ) (Centre for professional qualification and training) in Oberhausen has been active in various fields of training and integration into the labour marked for more than 30 years. The ZAQ works closely with the regional job centres and employment agencies and has developed close cooperation with different kinds of employers such as industrial and craft companies, retailers, and other partners. It has a database of more than 800 contacts with potential employers for the people it provides services for.

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