Thursday 20 February 2014
09h30 - 12h00

Round Table: Promoting Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in the MENA region

*** registrations are closed, please contact margot.vingerhoedt(at) for further information ***

While women’s involvement was largely emphasized during the Arab spring, the uprisings were followed by big disappointments in terms of enhancing women’s rights and inducing a change in gender roles. In particular women in the MENA region remain having limited access to economic and political decision-making processes in their families, nations, or international institutions. Women’s associations and movements in the region have been suffering from growing pressures since decades.

During a workshop in September 2013, participants from the region and the EU defined the main challenges women in the MENA region are facing. Taking into account the outcomes of the workshop, a call for academic papers was launched which lead to the publication of a collection of articles on women’s rights and gender equality in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Palestine.

The publication will be publicly presented at this Round Table hosted by Zita Gurmai, MEP, President of PES Women and FEPS Vice President and attended by Brussels based organisations working on the promotion of gender equality in the EU and worldwide, as well as to EU policy makers. In presence of a women delegation from the region who will present their view on the current situation in their countries and enter into debate with participants to develop common strategies for the promotion of women’s rights and gender equality and the equal participation of women in social, democratic and economic life.

Speakers include:
- Nadia Lalia Djaddour, Syndicat National Autonome des Personnels de l’Administration Publique (SNAPAP), Algeria, partner of PSI
- Féthia Hizem, Association Tunisienne des Femmes Démocrates (ATFD), Tunisia, partner of MPDL
- Nadia Abu Nahla, Palestinian women affair technical committee In Gaza WATC and PNGO Women sector, Palestine/Gaza, partner of NPA
- Marianna Barsoum, ABGAD HAWAZ Foundation, Egypt, partner of The Global Network
- Aicha Sakmassi, Voix des Femmes, Morocco, partner of Alianza por la Solidaridad

Download the preliminary programme here.

European Parliament, Room A3E-2


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