Six progressive asks for a Just Transition

The 2024 European Parliament elections come at a historic moment.

We are standing at a crossroads, and while the stakes are very high, they offer a way forward.

We are convinced that we can turn the multiple crises we are currently living into an opportunity to reimagine our common future.

We believe this moment in history gives us a chance to fundamentally change our societies and economies so that they work for both people and the planet.

It will require action right now, at all levels of society and from all actors, but it can be done. This fundamental change requires a Europe that will deepen and accelerate ecological transition, protect, and advance democracy, increase social justice, and promote alternatives to the market-centred, extractive, and exploitative economy that currently defines and is destroying our societies and the living world.

As representatives of civil society, alongside trade unions and other progressive forces, we have a crucial role to play in the development, negotiation, and implementation of these changes. So do our policy makers and people all across the European Union.

SOLIDAR is calling on people all across the European Union to Go Vote! Vote for People and the Planet!

SOLIDAR is calling on European policy makers to make Just Transition a priority in their political agenda and mandate.

SOLIDAR and its members have put together 6 asks to policymakers and political parties for the upcoming EU elections.

We are calling for systemic change to deliver a Just Transition for All

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