Conference: Flight and Migration in the EU - New Answers to Political Questions

Hundreds of thousands of refugees are currently crossing the borders of the EU. Due to the prevailing war, the majority of the refugees come from Ukraine. The current events have once again raised the issue of migration, although the question has been relevant for many years. Now it is time to debate migration in Europe in its complexity.

Willi Eichler Akademie, in partnership with Gustav Stresemann Institute and SOLIDAR, is organising an international migration hybrid conference on 1st July 2022. The title will be ''Flight and Migration in the EU - New Answers to Political Questions''. The live part will take place in the premises of Gustav Stresemann Institute in Bonn, Germany.

The programme will be uploaded on this article as soon as it is available, but here is a first peak at the panels:

1. The right to asylum is non-negotiable
2. Eastern Europe and the question of migration, then and now
3. Legal aspects of migration, global justice?
4. We are human beings, and we remain

To attend, whether online or on-site, please register here.

You can contact Julie Martinaud ( for further information.