European Elections 2019 and Challenges for Social Europe

21 February 2019
Congress of Deputies, Madrid, Spain

Europe, its Institutions and the Member States must prioritise commitments agreed in the European Pillar of Social Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals. We must identify in the upcoming years the synergies needed to achieve more sustainable and inclusive societies. Policymaking at all levels must be consistent and positively reinforcing one another to ultimately accomplish a true paradigm shift on social equality, well-being and sustainability.


  • 18:30 Opening
    Francisca Sauquillo; Movimiento por la Paz -MPDL- and SOLIDAR President
    Cristina Gallach; Spanish High Commissioner for the Agenda 2030
  • 19: 00 Four dilemmas of Europe: The Four 4 Riders of the Apocalypse
    Pablo Simon; Visiting Lecturer at the University Carlos III of Madrid
    Q&A and discussion with the public
  • 20:05 Women face the European elections
    Zita Gurmai; President PES Women
  • 20:15 Conclusions and presentation of Manifesto by SOLIDAR for next European Elections (Behind Nationalism)
    Conny Reuter; SOLIDAR Secretary General
  • 20:30 Closing
    Venue: Meeting room Clara Campoamor, Congress of Deputies (Carrera de San Jerónimo, 36, Planta Sótano 1, 28014, Madrid)

Confirmation of attendance needed. Please submit you name, surname and ID before February 20th, 12:00 h to:

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