LLLWeek 2023 Workshop: Validation of competences acquired in the civil society sector | SOLIDAR Foundation & Diesis Network

SOLIDAR Foundation and Diesis Network have the pleasure to invite you to its LLLWeek 2023 Workshop on The validation of competences acquired in the civil society sector which takes place on 28 November from 10h-12h in the European Parliament, Room ASP 1G369.

This event is organized jointly by SOLIDAR Foundation, Diesis Network and S&D Group in the frame of the LLLP's Lifelong Learning Week 2023 and will focus on the topic of transversal skills and competences and more specifically on the role of CSOs as providers of these competences and the issue of validation and recognition, and is the perfect occasion to discuss together with different stakeholders (EC, ETUC, EESC and CSOs) on this topic.

During the workshop, outputs from the IMAGES project (SOLIDAR Foundation) and the baSE project (Diesis Network) will be discussed. 

IMAGES aimed to provide opportunities for third sector managers to develop their skillset in a way that benefits their organisations and creates avenues to transfer their competences from one EU Member State to another, and provides a voice to civil society in EU debates on the validation and acquisition of competences. The aim of baSE is to enable the knowledge sharing among higher education, vocational education and training with social economy actors who contribute to the ecosystemic growth. It will address skills mismatches and provide new skills with regard to occupational profiles in the socio-economic sector.

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Draft Agenda

10:00-10:15 Words of Welcome 

S&D MEP Alicia Homs Ginel

10:15-10:30 IMAGES Project: A European Repertoire of Competences for Local Managers in the Third Sector
Giovanni Serra, Roma Tre University, IMAGES Project Partner 

10:30-10:45 baSE Project: Preliminary Findings

Florence Lanzi, University of Liège

10:45-11:40 Panel Discussion

How can CSOs be enablers for developing and validating transversal competences? The issue of recognition and validation of transversal competences.

  • Francesco Losappio, Policy Officer Skills & ESCO, DG EMPL

  • Tatjana Babrauskiene, EESC, Workers Group (LPSK)

  • Pauline Boivin, Project and Policy Manager, LLLP

11:40-11:55  Q&A 

11:55-12:00 Closing Remarks
S&D MEP Alicia Homs Ginel