LLLWeek Workshop: Citizens, Learners, Workers: Investing in the Whole Person

On 30 November, in the framework of this year's LLLWeek, SOLIDAR Foundation and FICEMEA organize a workshop titled Citizens, Learners, Workers: Investing in the Whole Person. During an exciting panel discussion the consequences of labour market-driven education policies as opposed to policymaking aimed at social inclusion and cohesion will be discussed and analyzed.  

The workshop will take place at the European Parliament (room tbc) from 14h to 15h30. Interested? Don't forget to register via this form before 15 November! 

The Lifelong Learning Platform is organising the 12th edition of the LLLWeek on 28 November - 2 December! This year it will be dedicated to “Investment in Education and Training: A Public Good for All”! With this year’s annual theme, LLLP wishes to address the topic of investment from the standpoint of social inclusion – specifically in relation to closing the learning gaps amplified throughout the pandemic. Funding in education, training and lifelong learning opportunities should focus specifically on fair access, vulnerable groups and inclusion in representation




14.30    Words of Welcome

    Marta Concepción Mederos, Vice President of the Lifelong Learning Platform

14.35    Opening remarks

            Mr Domenech Ruiz Devesa MEP, S&D

Mikael Leyi - SOLIDAR Foundation Secretary General

Yvette  Lecomte - CEMEA Belgique Secretary General

14.50    Panel discussion

  • The effects of global citizenship education on learners pathway to success: GCE as a tool for equity – Jean Baptiste Clerico – CEMEA France

  • The outcomes of market driven only education: what happens when GCE is not in the picture? OBESSU

  • Who funds what and for which purpose? Public funding vs private funding goals in the education sector: the effects of inequality to staff and students - Leonardo Ebner, ETUCE  

  • Commodification of education and public funding, a question of trust: the BEST project and its White Paper recommendations - Ines Molinero, La Liga de l’Educacion 

15.20    Q&A

15.30    Discussion in groups

  • What link do you see between GCE and school success?

  • Is there a link between private funding, the commodification of education, school dropout rates and inequality?

15.40    Reporting back to plenary

15.50    Closing remarks



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