Roundtable debate | CSOs providing social services in the western Balkans: Challenges & opportunities!

The current refugee crisis as well as the latest political and economic pressures inside the European Union and the Western Balkans have provoked a slowdown of the Enlargement process. Civil society organisations (CSOs) need to find ways to revamp the Enlargement process and its social dimension in order to enhance economic, social and territorial cohesion. In particular the innovative capacities of CSOs providing social services needs to be strengthened and they need to be supported to strengthen their capacity and directly engage local and regional beneficiaries in decisions around the ‘EU Social Acquis’. These are the main objectives of the EU funded project “Improving the provision of Social Service Delivery in South Eastern Europe through the empowerment of national and regional CSOs” led by ASB-SEE that will be presented at this round table.

This round table will offer to policy makers and members of the civil society the possibility to discuss about the challenges and opportunities for CSOs providing social services in the Western Balkans as well as the best solutions to make sure that Enlargement process is a catalyzer for social progress and enhancement of socio-economic rights.

As a part of transferring best practices, three national innovative case studies will be presented, as showcase examples of innovative and sustainable solutions based on a social investment approach to deliver social services and to improve people’s opportunities to participate in society, with a special focus on young people, Roma population and persons with disabilities.

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