Workshops at Social Platform Flagship Conference

The Social Platform Flagship Conference is an official side event of the Portuguese Presidency, and will serve as an opportunity to develop key recommendations to Heads of State and Government and EU decision-makers present at the Social Summit.
We co-host 2 workshops at the Conference:

4 May 2021 - Parallel workshops 10:00 – 12:00 CEST

WS1: Employment: “Roadmap to Quality Employment through a Just Transition and a Fair Recovery, by SOLIDAR & European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN)

Description: This workshop will reflect upon ways to create and foster sustainable and quality jobs as part of a fair, inclusive, and resilient recovery and a just transition to greener societies. Making concrete links with the European Pillar of Social Rights Action plan and the European Green Deal, we will discuss issues such as fair wages, good working conditions, poverty, social protection, job security and future of work. Thanks to input by a group of experts composed of representatives of trade unions, EU institutions and social and environmental NGOs, as well as by participants, the workshop will develop policy recommendations on ensuring that quality employment results from the recovery and the green transition in Europe. 

WS2: Skills and lifelong learning: Lifelong and life wide learning for just green transition – by Volonteurope , European Parents AssociationSOLIDAR Foundation

Description: Building on the actions of the European Union to date and specifically on the European Education Area and the European Skills Agenda, this workshop will focus on how, together, we build economic and social policies which ensure a just, inclusive, and sustainable European society in which no one is left behind. The workshop speakers and the debate will cover a range of relevant areas including, but not limited to:  

  • The need to upskill and build on digital skills; 
  • Lifelong learning for sustainable development and global citizenship, going beyond the immediate needs of the labour market and economic growth; 
  • Validating skills gained from social action and volunteering; 
  • Micro-credentials and non-formal/informal learning; 
  • Taking account of the learners’ perspectives, especially young people with fewer opportunities and furthest from the labour market. 

Keynote speakers will alternate with interactive discussion panels to address education policies, lifelong learning and skills for the future.  

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