Enlargement & Neighbourhood

European Neighbourhood Policy

The Arab Spring and other social movements such as the indignados in Spain or Occupy Wall Street, brought millions of people out onto the streets to address the issue of growing inequalities worldwide and to demand immediate political action for social justice. Yet despite this clear, strong message, the global trend is still heading towards further inequality. Social and economic development, accompanied by an equal distribution of knowledge, income and power, are essential to build a just and equal society and assure an inclusive democratic transition.

The Cooperation Network "Social Justice in the Middle East and North Africa" aims to build alliances between civil society organisations, think tanks, social movements, progressive political forces and independent trade unions to promote social justice for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).


Enlargement Negotiations

Part of SOLIDAR's work is dedicated to the promotion of democratic transitions in Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans, and to ensure the social dimension in the EU Enlargement process. Together with local partners SOLIDAR works to contribute to the promotion of social progress and prosperity in the Western Balkans. SOLIDAR advocates for increased assistance in all policy areas and components that specifically address the needs of the most vulnerable citizens and those most at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Also, our aim is to continue strengthening the innovative capacities of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) providing social services and to directly engage local and regional beneficiaries in decisions around the ‘EU Social Acquis’ in order to enhance economic, social and territorial cohesion.

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