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SOLIDAR is working to ensure a stronger social dimension of the European Union. To do so, we have set up the Social Progress Watch Initiative, a tool to monitor and evaluate progress made towards a more social and cohesive Europe.

SOLIDAR’s main objective in the field of Social Affairs is to improve progress towards a more social Europe. Against the background of our European social fabric which has been seriously damaged by the economic crisis and by the effects of one-sided austerity policies, SOLIDAR advocates for a policy change that puts social consolidation back at the heart of EU policies.

To strengthen our cause we work together with civil society to turn the Europe 2020 strategy into a more coherent and better integrated framework for social policies, taking a comprehensive approach to prevention and adjustment in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. In the framework of the European Semester – set up by the European Commission to foster economic growth and prevent excessive macro-economic imbalances – we call for due attention to be given to employment and social developments (the so called “social dimension”) in order to make concrete steps towards achieving social cohesion, preventing increasing disparities and long-term exclusion as well as promoting a new growth pattern based on social, sustainable and inclusive investment.

In order to:

  • Increase shared knowledge about social realities; 
  • Improve our network’s capacity to monitor and assess progress made at national level in implementing EU policies addressing the headline targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy and its flagship initiatives as well as implementing the Social Investment Package;
  • Evaluate the adequacy and social impact of the country specific recommendations in the framework of the European Semester;

We've set up the Social Progress Watch Initiative, a tool to monitor and evaluate progress made towards a more social and cohesive Europe. The monitoring tool is based on six benchmarks corresponding to the fronts along which we think progress should be made in order to achieve social cohesion as well as fight poverty and social exclusion:

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