SOLIDAR works to strengthen active citizenship and volunteering for social cohesion. SOLIDAR calls for the benefits of volunteering to be legally recognised in EU law, to reduce the financial and infrastructural barriers preventing the involvement of volunteers in activities as well as to support the recognition of skills and experiences gained through volunteering.

People’s empowerment and social engagement are crucial aspects of the creation of a more cohesive society in which every individual can fully participate and realise her or his own potential and contributing to the well-being of their communities. The work of civil society organisations active in promoting people’s engagement, participation and cultural integration have a direct impact on the realisation of a more open, inclusive, cohesive and equal society as well as on advancing the values of solidarity, social justice and social responsibilities.

SOLIDAR calls for adopting a European legal framework on volunteering to recognise the value of volunteering within our societies, to distinguish volunteering from legally regulated relations, to make sure that volunteers complement and not replace paid staff and to provide volunteers with legal certainty and the support they need for their activities.

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