A Wind of Change in Slovenia? Read the Country Report of the CLL Monitor 2021

On 24 April, Slovenian citizens have expressed their vision for their country’s future by casting their votes in their parliamentary election. In a clear rebuke of the rule of populist Janez Janša, they have given a vote of confidence to the newly formed environmentalist party, the Freedom Movement, which won 34.5% of vote and 41 seats in the 90-seat parliament. This puts party leader, Robert Golob, in a favourable position to form a majority government together with the Social Democrats Party and the Left Party.

The high voter turnover – 69.7% – was above the national average and showed Slovenian people’s understanding of what is at stake if a just transition is not achieved.

As highlighted in our most recent national report on Slovenia, in the framework of SOLIDAR Foundation’s Citizenship and Lifelong Learning Monitor 2021, the population is clearly in need of more support to obtain the knowledge needed to adapt to the environmental requirements of the 21st century society, while at the same time the exercise of obtaining such competences and actively honing them in the daily life was frustrated by ex-Prime Minister Janša’s efforts to undermine the civic space. The Slovenian people have responded to the previous centre-right’s government tactics of reducing the freedom of the media and judiciary, opposing any action veering towards authoritarianism and promoting a vision of change regarding the country’s energy policy.

The preparation of learners to be active members in the society, and understand the global challenges ahead, led to the current election result which signaled the importance of fostering lifelong learning for facilitating a just transition that respects the Slovenian people as they respect their fellow global citizens by not contributing to exceeding the planetary boundaries.

More on Slovenia’s efforts to educate learners for environmental sustainability can be found in our 2021 national report for Slovenia here.


Picture credits: 24K-Production / Shutterstock.com